Rosso Amaro

The first Sicilian amaro
with Nero d’Avola and typical aromatic herbs

From an artisan recipe that combines the typical varieties of aromatic herbs with the quality of one of the most renowned and appreciated local grape, arises in Syracuse Rosso Amaro, the first Sicilian amaro based on Nero d’Avola.
The very name, Rosso Amaro, evokes the countless facets of Sicily and recalls its most typical colours, scents and flavours, in a merry bond of contrasts that incites exploration.

Sicily is the land of oranges, its earth in flower, whose air, in springtime, is but perfume.
Guy De Maupassant, Sicily

The winning blend of sicilian excellence products
that breaks the tradition of classic amari

Rosso Amaro is the innovation in the tradition of Italian amari and alcoholic digestifs.

It’s the typical Sicilian amaro that arises from the unexpected and unusual mix between Nero d’Avola red grapes and selected aromatic and medicinal herbs, whose undisputed digestive properties make it the ideal companion to every convivial gathering and an excellent end of the meal.

Rosso Amaro expresses the Sicilian character and the strong bond with the territory in which the Nero d’Avola grapevine produces the grape and the wine that bestows upon it a strong personality, a full-bodied taste and a rich scent.

Grappolo di uva nero d'avola per l'amaro siciliano Rosso Amaro

Rosso Amaro is the diligent keeper of the age-old Sicilian enological tradition that plays one of its “ace”, the Nero d’Avola.
It embodies the ancient rural popular wisdom, with its precious heritage of habits, customs and knowledge.
It elevates the goodness of the fruits of the earth that, in Sicily, nature grants generously.

With the aid of fair weather and a variety of landscapes, Sicily is a luxuriant nursery of aromatic herbs. A mixture of scents and flavours and a kaleidoscope of colours that enriches the cuisine and the local traditional dishes: of the roughly three thousand species of typical Sicilian spontaneous plants at least a hundred are considered in all respect medicinal due to specific active ingredients with proved eupeptic properties and beneficial effects on health.

Laurel, thistle, cinnamon, orange peel and bitter orange are only a few of the ingredients of Rosso Amaro. The artisan recipe favours the rarest varieties and those most linked to the territory: the aromatic herbs thus selected, in quantities and percentage doses carefully defined, are submitted to a long and slow maceration and infusion process to create the best possible blending with the base of Nero d’Avola red wine.

Rosso Amaro is:

  • persistent in the mouth, full-bodied and rich;
  • pleasant to the palate, with a bitter aftertaste, slightly tempered by a reduced amount of sugar in order not to undermine the natural properties of the aromatic herbs, thus leaving a delicate balsamic freshness;
  • a unique tasting experience and a sophisticated end of the meal with highly beneficial and digestive qualities.


Nero D’Avola
Infusion of aromatic herbs

Alcohol content: 28°

Rosso Amaro, liquore digestivo dal profumo deciso e intenso

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Abbiamo avuto il piacere di assaggiare un’esclusiva del Lomi Lounge Bar Restaurant di Milano: il liquore Rosso Amaro, una ricetta unica che nasce dall’unione di uve rosse di Nero D’Avola ed erbe aromatiche di Sicilia, dal profumo deciso e intenso, è un ottimo digestivo a fine pasto.

Alessandra Heidelberg, 22 febbraio 2018

Rosso Amaro, amore vissuto

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Un amaro particolarissimo. Sicano. Di Arance amare e Nero d’Avola, dal colore rosso spesso e una intensità, ampiezza e pervasività aromatica che, da sola, vale mille sciroppi balsamici contro la tosse. Un gigantesca effusione di profumi intensi senza essere invadenti. Domina la nota agrumata ma anche il vegetale è molto presente, note dolci di cinnamomo e intense di timo, emergenti da un bouquet ricchissimo e di ampiezza notevolissima.

Pino De Luca, 18 Gennaio 2018


Rosso Amaro, un racconto della campagna siciliana…

Rosso Amaro: tanti gli aromi riconosciuti all’olfatto tra erbe aromatiche, spezie e non solo, dall’alloro al timo, dalla scorza d’arancia al limone, alla carruba.

Un racconto della campagna siciliana, un quadro ben definito, piacevole e mai stucchevole, da gustare a temperatura ambiente oppure pių freddo, buono come aperitivo ma anche a fine pasto.

Maria Antonietta Pioppo, giornalista
La Repubblica, 15 dicembre 2017

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